Organic Cleanse Review

Check out my take on this fresh and new promising colon cleansing product that is Active Detox Cleanse. I used it myself and have got amazing benefits. So without wasting time, let us straight away begin talking about the product.

Product in Brief!

It is a colon cleansing (dietary) supplement which works as a precursor to weight loss and detoxifies the body. It contains a blend of healthy and mild natural diuretic, anti bacterial and laxative ingredients that promote expulsion of waste from the colon.

What Does it Claim?

  • Parasitic infection removal
  • Better gastrointestinal tract movement
  • Restored healthy bowel movement
  • Riddance of waste buildup from colon

Active Detox Cleanse Ingredients

These are the ingredients listed on official website:

  • Gentian Root
  • Psyllium
  • White Oak Bark
  • Aloe Vera
  • Blue Vervain
  • Slippery Elm Bark
  • Senna Leaf
  • Goldenseal Root

How Does Active Detox Cleanse Work?

  • Senna leaf is purgative, laxative and cathartic in nature and helps fight constipation
  • White Oak Bark contains potassium, iron, vitamin B12 etc and is anti parasitic, anti bacterial diuretic in nature and removes parasitical infections from the colon
  • Aloe Vera contains multiple vitamins and minerals and is also anti bacterial and anti viral and acts as a mild laxative and cleanser for the digestive system
  • Slippery Elm Bark reduces digestive tract inflammation while gentian Root reduces gastrointestinal problems and enhances appetite
  • Goldenseal Root acts as the disinfectant for the body and Psyllium supplies ample fiber to the body and facilitates proper outflow of waste

My Trial!

I tried out the formula when one of my friends gifted it to me. I only used this for 25 days but during this time, I felt the most energetic. Usually, I am exhausted by afternoon (courtesy – hectic job) but while using it, fatigue levels came down. In fact, I didn’t feel like gulping down energy drinks every hour! Now I ate small portions of actual meal (real food…haha!). Besides, I didn’t feel any negative effects either which is like icing on this lovely cake. In short, my trial was very positive.

Why I Recommend it?


  • It has all natural and tested ingredients
  • Blend of 8 distinct potent herbs and roots (and leaves)
  • No side effects or synthetic ingredients
  • Easy to use capsule formula (convenient for travelling)
  • Safe and effective solution


  • Only available online for purchase

Side Effects?

Don’t use it if under 18 or allergic to any of the ingredients, otherwise this supplement is all safe to be used by anyone, no side effects.

Where to Buy?

Active Detox Cleanse can be purchased via an online order from its official website.